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Storify Chrome Extension

The official Storify chrome extension. Storify the social Web.


Go to to download the release version.

To access development releases, simply download or clone this code and load as an unpacked extension.

Source Code:

Unpacked Extension

  • If you downloaded the code, unzip the file.
  • Open (chrome://extensions/) or select the menu Window > Extensions.
  • Enable the developer mode at top right.
  • Click Load unpacked extension... and select the source code folder.
  • Storify!

Features / Description

  • Deep integration with,,, Instagram and Topsy which adds a Storify action link to all tweets, posts, videos, images.
  • Rich context menu - right-click and create stories from anywhere on the web.
  • Select text and right-click the selected text to quote the text in your story.
  • Right-click links to Storify the linked page.


There are no known issues at this time. Please let us know: issue tracker.


Fork at it.


(for Storify employees only)