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Typhon is a Python implementation for the Rubinius VM.


Just For Fun!.

Python is one of the most popular dynamic languagues out there, it has many projects made on it and has an outstanding number of libraries available. So I guess having an implementation for it on Rubinius would make Rubinius an strong player on VM field.

Also, the Rubinius VM is a very neat piece of software, and all the cool kids are using it to implement other languages besides ruby.

Maybe Rubinius VM does what Parrot was originally intended to. ( Running many dynamic languages )


  • python 2
  • rubinius head
  • rake

Try it

 # Set rubinius as your current ruby.
 $ rvm use rbx
 # Compile the hello world example
 $ ./bin/typhon examples/


Im in search of a nice Python parser that can be implemented in Ruby or used as a c-extension. Right now, we use a simple Python script that outputs a program AST using Ruby literals then feed that to the Typhon compiler to produce Rubinius asm


Here's the plan as its currently in my head:

  • Have a script to use Python compiler module and let it produce a sexp made of Ruby literals.


    bin/ takes a Python script and outputs the AST as an array of ruby literals. The table of nodes and its attributes are read from bin/ The output is just a sexp.

  • Read this sexp from Ruby and build an AST in Ruby land.


    rbx/ast/node.rb Typhon::AST.from_sexp takes the sexp and just creates a tree of Python AST nodes in Ruby land. The table of nodes is the same uses, bin/

  • Write the Typhon compiler in Ruby, taking advantage of Rubinius' compiler infrastructure.


    We have Rubinius compiler stages at rbx/compiler/stages.rb Currently the parsing stage simply uses and evals the resulting sexp to later convert it to actual AST node instances.

  • Have the Typhon compiler produce Rubinius bytecode.

  • Lots of tests.

  • Investigate if we pypy has a Python parser in Python, if so, we could use that once we compile python programs to teplace the sexp-script.

  • Bootstrap. write the Typhon compiler in Python.


Main repository is located at report any issues you find there.

If more people gets interested we might start a mailing-list and freenode channel.

Typhon is on its early days, if you want to help, you're more than welcome. We follow the same commit bit policy than Rubinius and Pugs, if you get your first patch accepted you get commit bit.

We need a logo, but i'm really bad at design stuff, so if you have designing skills, I'd been thinking a cool logo for Typhon could be a tornado of two or three little Python snakes :)

About Typhon

The name was choosen as a funny anagram of Python.

In greek mithology, Typhon is one of the largest and most fearsome of all creatures.

Theres a cool t-shirt showing what Typhon is all about: snakes on rbx-head