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Skin List

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Compatible Skins

The following is a list of skins that should be compatible with the current version of Masque. Note that compatibility is based solely on the game version the skin is flagged for. If you discover any issues with a particular skin, you will need to inform the skin's author.

Skin Name Status Game Version Author
Apathy Updated 7.2 StormFX
Caith Updated 7.2 StormFX
CleanUI Updated 7.2 Nirriti
Entropy Updated 7.2 StormFX
LiteStep Updated 7.2 StormFX
Goldpaw Updated 7.2 Goldpaw
Gears Updated 7.2 StormFX
Onyx Updated 7.2 StormFX
Serenity Updated 7.2 StormFX
HeyBarbaruiva Compatible 7.1 HeyBarbaruiva
Simple Square Compatible 7.1 Phanx, Moonwitch
Cainyx Compatible 7.0 WoWLoreConfusedMe
Newsom Compatible 7.0 Leobolin, Maul
Renaitre Compatible 7.0 Renaitre
2-Pixel Class Buttons Compatible 6.2 Jeffy162
Broken Compatible 6.2 Jeffy162
Cards Compatible 6.2 Kallieen
ClassButtons Compatible 6.2 Jeffy162
Dark Compatible 6.2 Jeffy162
Elegance Compatible 6.2 Kallieen
Jigsaw Compatible 6.2 Kallieen
Legion Compatible 6.2 Tim
rClassButtons Compatible 6.2 Jeffy162
Sleek Compatible 6.2 Kallieen
Tones Compatible 6.2 Kallieen
Stylo Compatible 6.1 Ellementz
Abstract Compatible 6.0 Djidiouf
Diablo III Compatible 6.0 SuicidalKatt
ElvUIesque Compatible 6.0 Lxxxv
Trinity Compatible 6.0 Maul, Jrosk

Outdated Skins

The following is a list of abandoned, outdated or incompatible skins. I've included them on this page purely for reference. Note that skins with a game version lower than 4.3 are incompatible with the current version of Masque.

Skin Name Status Game Version Author
Rectangle Outdated 5.3 Kendian
Ryver Outdated 5.3 Kendian
DaedUI Abandoned 5.0 Daedhir
Aion Outdated 4.3 Elloria
Darion Abandoned 4.3 Darsain
Demigod Outdated 4.3 Elloria
Wildheart Outdated 4.3 Elloria
DSM Fade Incompatible 4.2 Delsim
Pixel Shadow Incompatible 4.1 Lily.Petal
Xyrr Incompatible 4.0 Xyrr
Phish Incompatible 3.3 Phishr
Dek Incompatible 3.1 Dekthro
Dek2 Incompatible 3.1 Dekthro
LiteFlat Incompatible 3.0 Delena
Thin Square Incompatible 3.0 Neal
Pas Incompatible 2.4 Gevatter
Stoned Incompatible 2.3 Moonwitch
Wire Incompatible 2.3 Moonwitch

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