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Sencha's ( ExtJS 4 library running under NodeJS (

Only includes those objects and components necessary to use ExtJS as a core library with Node.

Also includes some custom extensions to ExtJS to further enhance the library. These are slightly opinionated but work.

This utilizes Node's built-in CommonJS loader system to properly load the necessary ExtJS source files. This retains the full stack trace in errors (other implementations have used eval to load the library).

Includes 2 different implementations:

node-extjs-core: just the core library

node-extjs: the core library plus the models, controllers, stores, data access stuff


(Requires NodeJS 0.6.x)

npm install node-extjs

Usage for core

(Requires NodeJS 0.6.x)



Usage for extended (default)



Ext.define("User", {
    extend: '',

	fields: [
		{name: 'name',     type: 'string'},
		{name: 'age',      type: 'int'},
		{name: 'phone',    type: 'string'},
		{name: 'gender',   type: 'string'},
		{name: 'username', type: 'string'},
		{name: 'alive',    type: 'boolean', defaultValue: true}

	validations: [
		{type: 'presence',  field: 'age'},
		{type: 'length',    field: 'name',     min: 2},
		{type: 'inclusion', field: 'gender',   list: ['Male', 'Female']},
		{type: 'exclusion', field: 'username', list: ['Admin', 'Operator']},
		{type: 'format',    field: 'username', matcher: /([a-z]+)[0-9]{2,3}/}
	changeName: function() {
		var oldName = this.get('name'),
			newName = oldName + " The Barbarian";

		this.set('name', newName);

var user = Ext.create("User", {
	name : 'Conan',
	age  : 24,
	phone: '555-555-5555'


console.log(user.get('name')); //returns "Conan The Barbarian"

var errors = user.validate();



ExtJS is a fully licensed product for use in commercial projects or under GPL for open source projects. It is assumed that if you're using node-extjs that you will conform to the licensing requirements of Sencha (;