Examples of HTML animations using Elm
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This repo contains examples of HTML animations using Elm 0.18 and the mdgriffith/elm-style-animation package.

Basic Animation Framework

The BasicFramework.elm module demonstrates a basic extension of the standard Elm Architecture to layer multiple effects upon the same element.

Swapping Views

The SwapView.elm module starts from the Basic Animation Framework and uses it to animate swapping visibility between two different view elements.

Listening to Completed Animations

The FinishAnimation.elm module extends the SwapView example to add the capability to send notifications at the end of an animation.


The Modules.elm example takes what's been done in the previous parts and splits the functionality across different modules:

  • Modules.elm: The main entry point/custom app example.
  • Animation/Architecture.elm: The foundational, reusable pieces of the architecture.
  • AppAnimations.elm: The custom animations for the app (that would be reused across different view components).
  • Update/Extra.elm: The small extension functions for use with the update function, refactored. These may be bundled as a separate package in the future.

While Modules.elm is a complete example, some of its parts provide a similar-but-incomplete basis as the basic Elm Architecture. MinimalModules.elm provides a "minimal" version of the modularized code to use as a starting template for future work.