AngularJS UI with Gulp and Browsersync. Backend is CORS-enabled with Spring Boot + Stormpath.
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AngularJS + Spring Boot + Stormpath Example

This project is an example application for a typical AngularJS webapp with a Spring Boot backend.

You can read about how this application was created on the Stormpath blog. Feel free to copy any code in this project for your own use in accordance with the MIT license.

Through this project's commit logs, it shows you how to:

  1. Create an AngularJS UI: search and edit features
  2. Create a Spring Boot app with Stormpath: app from
  3. Develop an API to CRUD people with Spring Data REST: /api/people
  4. Integrate AngularJS and Spring Boot apps: cross-domain
  5. Integrate Stormpath into AngularJS for login, registration and forgot password: Stormpath Angular SDK

Prerequisites: Java 8, Node.js, Maven, Gulp.js, a Stormpath Account, and an file in ~/stormpath/.

To run the Spring Boot backend, execute mvn spring-boot:run.

To run the AngularJS frontend, execute npm install && gulp.

See @mraible/angular-seed to learn more about the the commands you can run in this project.