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The backend for the Stormpath Notes iOS and Android examples. Built with express-stormpath.
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#Stormpath is Joining Okta We are incredibly excited to announce that Stormpath is joining forces with Okta. Please visit the Migration FAQs for a detailed look at what this means for Stormpath users.

We're available to answer all questions at

Stormpath Notes Server

This is the server for the Stormpath Notes Tutorial for iOS and Android, where we show you how to build a note-taking app that saves to a server using Stormpath.

Stormpath Notes (iOS) in Swift Tutorial - Stormpath Notes (Android) Tutorial

Stormpath Notes Server is an express-stormpath application that hosts the Stormpath default application/json endpoints, and additional endpoints to retrieve and save notes.

The master branch automatically will be deployed to

Read the Tutorial for how to Build this Server in Node.js

Steps to run

  1. Download and install Node.js
  2. Grab your API Keys from the Stormpath Admin Console (easiest way is to use the quickstart)
  3. Run the commands:
git clone
cd stormpath-express-mobile-notes-example
node index.js


All endpoints require authentication with an Authorization: Bearer ACCESSTOKEN header.

GET /notes

Returns a json object like {"notes": "The notes the user saved"}

POST /notes

Takes a json object of {"notes": "The new notes the user wants to save"} and saves it to the Stormpath account's customData.

Returns a blank page with a status code of 200 OK if successful, or 400 if the request was malformed.

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