Official Java SDK for the Stormpath User Management REST API
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Stormpath Java SDK

An advanced, reliable and easy-to-use user management API, built by Java security experts

Stormpath is a complete user management API. This library gives your Java app access to all of Stormpath's features:

  • Robust authentication and authorization.
  • Schemaless user data and profiles.
  • A hosted login subdomain, for easy Single Sign-On across your apps.
  • Social login with Facebook and Google OAuth.
  • Secure API key authentication for your service.
  • Servlet support for Java web applications.

If you have feedback about this library, please get in touch and share your thoughts!


Stormpath offers deep documentation and support for Java.

Please email with any errors or issues with the documentation.


Below are some resources you might find useful!

Spring Support

Spring Security Support

Apache Shiro Support

API Authentication with Stormpath


Any Java application can use our general Stormpath Java API Quickstart to get started.

We also have a Java WebApp Quickstart for the Stormpath Servlet Plugin - a drop-in plugin for web applications deployed to a Servlet container, like Tomcat or Jetty.

If you're building a Spring Boot application, the Spring Boot Webapp Quickstart will get you up and running quickly.

Build Instructions

This project requires Maven 3.2.1 and JDK 7 to build. Run the following:

> mvn install

Release changes are viewable in the change log


Contributions, bug reports and issues are very welcome. Stormpath regularly maintains this repository, and are quick to review pull requests and accept changes!

You can make your own contributions by forking the develop branch of this repository, making your changes, and issuing pull request on the develop branch.


Copyright © 2013-2015 Stormpath, Inc. and contributors.

This project is open-source via the Apache 2.0 License.

For all additional information, please see the full Project Documentation.