Next Generation Python Interface for X-Plane
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FlyWithPython - New Python Interface for X-Plane

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This project repository contains all code of FlyWithPython, a new Python Interface for X-Plane. This project aims at providing a successor for the well-known but abandoned Python Interface by Sandy Barbour.

Project Objectives

FlyWithPython is being developed for a couple of reasons, although the legacy Python interface still works. These reasons also form the objectives of this project:

  • Open Source Develoment: Sandy's work cannot be continued by the community as he decided to keep the sources closed. FlyWithPython on the contrary is Open Source, licensed under one of the most permissive licenses available.
  • Python 3 Compatibility: The latest published legacy Python interface only works with a quite dated version of the Python 2.7 branch. FlyWithPython is designed to bring the latest Python 3 to X-Plane.
  • Improved Encapsulation: The legacy interface relied on a system-wide installed Python interpreter, sometimes creating conflicts with third-party dependencies or simply version mayhem. FlyWithPython bundles a dedicated Python interpreter to avoid such problems.


Will scripts created for Sandy Barbour's Python Interface run on FlyWithPython?

FlyWithPython is not a drop-in replacement for the previous Python interface. Thus, most probably existing scripts will not work out of the box with FlyWithPython, but will need some adaptation to the new structures. Furthermore, FlyWithPython will work by default with a Python 3 interpreter, so most probably also the Python code itself will need some love & care before it can run on FlyWithPython.

Will you provide an installer bundle?

We hope there won't be a need for complex installer bundles. We seek at creating a traditional plugin package which won't need any third party packages to be installed on your computer. However, our first priority is providing a stable release before thinking about any bundling (that would require some careful studying of licenses not only of Python itself, but of all other 3rd party stuff included to prevent us from being sued for distributing stuff we were not allowed to).

Will you support all three OSes X-Plane runs on?

That is certainly one of our objectives, but this will depend on whether we can get hold of a sufficient number of testers for the different platforms. Particularly Linux could prove to be difficult to be supported due to the high number of flavours, coming all with different versions of the Python interpreter.

Will X-Plane 11 be supported?

Indeed, FlyWithPython is being develped only for X-Plane 11.10 and later versions. This project uses the most recent API SDK (version 3.0) and thus is not compatbile with older X-Plane versions.

When will it be ready?

For the time being, we cannot tell. FlyWithPython is being developed by volunteers in their leisure time, so the resources we can dedicate to this project are limited.