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@@ -303,6 +303,19 @@ but for the two elements that are standalone, we use ``formHidden()`` and
.. image:: ../images/user-guide.forms-and-actions.add-album-form.png
:width: 940 px
+Alternatively, the process of rendering the form can be simplified by using the
+bundled ``formCollection`` view helper. For example, in the view script above replace
+all the form-rendering echo statements with:
+.. code-block:: php
+ echo $this->formCollection($form);
+This will iterate over the form structure, calling the appropriate label, element
+and error view helpers for each element, and wrap the result in open and close form tags.
+This helps reduce the complexity of your view script in situations where the default
+HTML rendering of the form is acceptable.
You should now be able to use the “Add new album” link on the home page of the
application to add a new album record.

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