Gatsby starter template with Storyblok's headless cms and true preview
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This repo is a Gatsby Storyblok starter template used in following tutorial:


To use this project you have to have a Storyblok account. If you don't have one yet you can register at

Getting started

  1. Get the source code and install dependencies.
git clone
cd gatsby-storyblok-boilerplate
npm install
  1. Exchange the accessToken in gatsby-config.js with the preview token of a new empty Storyblok space which you can find on the space settings page.

  2. Start the project with gatsby develop and set the preview domain in Storyblok to http://localhost:8000/editor?path=


This project comes with a few handy commands for linting and code fixing. The most important ones are the ones to develop and ship code. You can find the most important commands below.

gatsby develop

Run in the project locally for development.

gatsby build

Run a production build into ./public. The result is ready to be put on any static hosting you prefer.

gatsby deploy

Run a production build into ./public and publish the site to GitHub pages.