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Add a headless CMS to Jekyll

This setup is not yet another blog example, it's an example on how to build a layout using a headless CMS with Jekyll. I'm sure you can create a flat content-type with title, text and teaser image all by yourself. Follow this kind of short, but detailed, tutorial to bring your static pages to life (for previews).


What to expect?

The "end result" will include a teaser, grid and column (feature) layout including an rebuild API to trigger rebuilds using a GET request and loading the data from Storyblok.

Use Storyblok with Jekyll

You want to start the repo without the tutorial?

  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Start the preview server
bundle install

bundle exec rackup -p 4000
  1. Sign-up to create your first space and receive the default set of components & first content entry.


exchange the draft token with the one in the code examples - and enter your localhost address http://localhost:4000/

  1. Rebuild without the preview server

The above preview server is not required at all - it only helps you to easily create your content and preview it "instantly". You can (of course) still generate static files - and you should in production.

bundle exec jekyll serve

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