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Storyblok's Design System

This Design System is an open-source collection of components that are used in and is continiously developed to improve Storyblok.


You can see the Design System live under


The @storyblok/design-system package is compatible with Vue 3 only. For Vue 2, please use the storyblok-design-system package.

Getting started

To install the Design System in your project you need to install the package first

npm install @storyblok/design-system --save
yarn add @storyblok/design-system

Then you need to install and use the Design System in your Vue project:

import BlokInk from '@storyblok/design-system'
import '@storyblok/design-system/dist/storyblok-design-system.css'
app.use(BlokInk) // vue 3

For more information on the usage of the Design System go to:


To develop within the Design System you can use Storybook that has all components setup:

Start & Execute Storybook

yarn # or npm install
yarn storybook

Compiles and minifies for production

yarn build

Run your unit tests

yarn test:unit

Lints and fixes files

yarn lint

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