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Retrieve Multiple Datasource Entries

Returns an array of datasource entry objects for the datasource and dimension defined, if authenticated using a preview or public token.

Query Parameter Description
token (required) Your public or preview token
datasource Datasource group id/slug
dimension Dimension that you defined for your datasource (eg. dimension=en)
page Numeric. default: 1. Read more at Pagination
per_page Numeric. default:25, max: 1000. Read more at Pagination
cv Read more about cache version at Cache invalidation



GET /v1/cdn/datasource_entries?datasource=:slug

Example Request

Example Response

  "datasource_entries": [
      "id": 22237,
      "name": "cancel",
      "value": "Abbrechen",
      "dimension_value": null
      "id": 22238,
      "name": "read_more",
      "value": "Mehr erfahren",
      "dimension_value": null