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The Link Object

You can access a draft or published version of your links by providing the version parameter and the correct token type (eg. preview for draft, public for published).

Property Description
id  Numeric id of the referenced content entry
slug  The full_slug of the content entry
name  Given name of the content entry
is_folder Is this content entry a folder (true/false)
parent_id Parent folder numeric id
published Is this story published (true/false)
position Numeric position value of the content entry
uuid The uuid of the content entry
is_startpage IS this story a startpage (true/false)


Example Object

    "id": 107350,
    "slug": "posts/my-third-post",
    "name": "My third post",
    "is_folder": false,
    "parent_id": 107348,
    "published": true,
    "position": -20,
    "uuid": "ac0d2ed0-e323-43ca-ae59-5cd7d38683cb",
    "is_startpage": false