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Retrieve Multiple Stories

Returns a list of stories that are in your Storyblok space. The stories are returned in sorted order, depending on the order in your space. You can use the query parameter sort_by with any story object property and first level of your content type to order the response to your needs.

If no entries are found with your filters applied, you will receive an empty array. You will not receive a 404 error message, to check if you have results go for the array length.

Query Parameter Description
token (required) Your public or preview token
starts_with Filter by full_slug. Can be used to retrieve all entries form a specific folder. Examples: starts_with=de/beitraege, starts_with=en/posts
by_uuids Get stories by comma separated uuid. Example: by_uuids=9aa72a2f-04ae-48df-b71f-25f53044dc97,84550816-245d-4fe6-8ae8-b633d4a328f4
excluding_ids Exclude stories by comma separated numeric ids. Example: excluding_ids=101231,9101231
excluding_fields Exclude specific fields of your content type by comma seperated names. Example: excluding_fields=title,content
version Default: published. Possible values: draft, published
resolve_links If resolve_links=1 it will automatically resolve internal links of the multilink field type. The limit of resolved links per Story is 50.
resolve_relations Resolve relationships to other Stories of a multi-option or single-option field-type. Provide the component name and the field key as comma separated string. The limit of resolved relationships per item is 20 Stories of 5 different fields and with a page size higher than 25 it is 5 Stories of 5 fields. Example:,page.categories
from_release Access version of specific release by release id
sort_by Sort entries by specific attribute and order with content.YOUR_FIELD:asc and content.YOUR_FIELD:desc. Possible values are all attributes of the entry and all fields of your content type inside content with the dot as seperator. Example: position:desc, content.your_custom_field:asc, content.field_type_xy.field_xy:asc, created_at:desc. If you want to use the sorting provided by the user in the Storyblok admin interface you need to use position:desc. By default all custom fields are sorted as strings. To sort custom fields with numeric values you need to provide the type information (float or int) like following: content.YOUR_FIELD:asc:float or content.YOUR_FIELD:asc:int
search_term Search content items by full text.
filter_query Filter by specific attribute(s) of your content type. The filter query parameter needs to contain the query operation key. Separate the values by a comma , to filter by multiple values.


Following filter operations OPERATION are available:
in - Exact match of one of the provided values
not_in - Does not contain the given value
all_in_array - Contains all of the values of an array value
in_array - Contains any of the values of an array value
gt-date - Greater than date (Format: 2018-03-03 10:00)
lt-date - Less than date
gt-int - Greater than integer value
lt-int - Less than integer value.
gt-float - Greater than float value
lt-float - Less than float value.

Checkout the filter_query Examples we put together for you with most common use-cases.
is_startpage Filter by folder startpage. Use is_startpage=1 to only return startpages and is_startpage=0 to exclude startpages from the result.
language Add the language i18n code as query parameter to receive a localized version if filtering by UUIDs
with_tag Filter by specific tag(s). Use comma to filter by multiple tags. Examples: with_tag=featured,home
page Numeric. default: 1. Read more at Pagination
per_page Numeric. default:25, max: 100. Read more at Pagination
cv Read more about cache version at Cache invalidation



GET /v1/cdn/stories?starts_with=posts/

Example Request

Example Object

  "stories": [
      "id": 107350,
      "uuid": "ac0d2ed0-e323-43ca-ae59-5cd7d38683cb",
      "name": "My third post",
      "slug": "my-third-post",
      "full_slug": "posts/my-third-post",
      "created_at": "2018-04-24T11:57:29.302Z",
      "published_at": "2018-12-07T01:31:36.134Z",
      "first_published_at": "2018-08-07T09:40:13.000Z",
      "content": {
        "component": "post",
        // fields you define yourself are here
        // those below we defined for the examples
        "image": "//",
        "title": "My second title",
        "author": "22f4fb1b-50b3-4bf2-816e-7d589e307421",
        "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, *consectetur* adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod",
        "schedule": "2018-08-31 21:59",
        "description": "Description of the third",
        "categories": [
      "position": -20,
      "tag_list": [ ],
      "is_startpage": false,
      "parent_id": 107348,
      "group_id": "d5ea8520-1296-40b7-8360-894461fdc5b6",
      "alternates": [ ],
      "release_id": null,
      "lang": "default"
      "id": 107349,
      "uuid": "a91440ee-fd57-4ee3-83cf-d49d217ae919",
      "name": "My second post",
      "slug": "my-second-post",
      "full_slug": "posts/my-second-post",
      "created_at": "2018-04-24T11:57:29.283Z",
      "published_at": "2018-07-26T12:38:17.025Z",
      "first_published_at": "2018-07-26T12:38:17.025Z",
      "content": {
        "component": "post",
        "image": "//",
        "title": "My second title",
        "author": "c47be9f0-47c3-4315-a95a-550f0c560eb5",
        "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, *consectetur* adipisicing elit, sed do...",
        "categories": [
        "description": "Description of the second"
      "sort_by_date": null,
      "position": -10,
      "tag_list": [ ],
      "is_startpage": false,
      "parent_id": 107348,
      "group_id": "854c3d1f-5d7f-4785-92ee-620a7c6ca7ee",
      "alternates": [ ],
      "release_id": null,
      "lang": "default"