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Retrieve one Story

Returns a story object for the full_slug, id or uuid if authenticated using a preview or public token.

Path Parameter Description
:full_slug Use the full_slug of your content entry to retrieve it
:id Use the numeric id of your content entry to retrieve it
:uuid You can use the uuid property to query for your content entry. To tell our API to use the uuid instead of the id append the query param find_by=uuid
Query Parameter Description
token (required) Your public or preview token
find_by Added if you want to query by uuid instead of using the numeric id
version Default: published. Possible values: draft, published
resolve_links If resolve_links=1 it will automatically resolve internal links of the multilink field type. The limit of resolved links per Story is 50.
resolve_relations Resolve relationships to other Stories of a multi-option or single-option field-type. Provide the component name and the field key as comma separated string. The limit of resolved relationships is 100 Stories of 5 different fields. Example:,page.categories
from_release Access version of specific release by release id
cv Read more about cache version at Cache invalidation



GET /v1/cdn/stories/(:full_slug|:id|:uuid)

Example Request

Example Response

  "story": {
    "id": 107350,
    "uuid": "ac0d2ed0-e323-43ca-ae59-5cd7d38683cb",
    "name": "My third post",
    "slug": "my-third-post",
    "full_slug": "posts/my-third-post",
    "created_at": "2018-04-24T11:57:29.302Z",
    "published_at": "2018-12-07T01:31:36.134Z",
    "first_published_at": "2018-08-07T09:40:13.000Z",
    "content": {
      "component": "post",
      // fields you define yourself are here
      // those below we defined for the examples
      "image": "//",
      "title": "My second title",
      "author": "22f4fb1b-50b3-4bf2-816e-7d589e307421",
      "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, *consectetur* adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod",
      "schedule": "2018-08-31 21:59",
      "description": "Description of the third",
      "categories": [
    "position": -20,
    "tag_list": [ ],
    "is_startpage": false,
    "parent_id": 107348,
    "group_id": "d5ea8520-1296-40b7-8360-894461fdc5b6",
    "alternates": [ ],
    "release_id": null,
    "lang": "default"