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The Story Object

This is an object representing your content entry. One Story object can be of a specific type, so called content types and is able to contain components. You define the fields and nestability of your content types to achieve your content structure. To learn how to build a basic blog you can checkout our content building tutorial.

Property Description
id  Numeric id
uuid Generated uuid string
name  The name you give this story
slug  Gthe slug / path you give this story
full_slug  Combined parent folder and current slug
created_at  Creation date (Format: YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM)
published_at Latest publishing date (Format: YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM)
first_published_at  First publishing date (Format: YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM)
release_id  Id of your content stage (default: null)
lang  Defined language (default: "default")
content  Your defined custom content body object
position  Position in folder
is_startpage  Is startpage of current folder (true/false)
parent_id Parent folder id
group_id  Alternates group id (uuid string)
alternates Array of alternate objects


Example Object

  "story": {
    "id": 107350,
    "uuid": "ac0d2ed0-e323-43ca-ae59-5cd7d38683cb",
    "name": "My third post",
    "slug": "my-third-post",
    "full_slug": "posts/my-third-post",
    "created_at": "2018-04-24T11:57:29.302Z",
    "published_at": "2018-08-07T09:40:13.802Z",
    "first_published_at": "2018-08-07T09:40:13.802Z",
    "release_id": null,
    "lang": "default",
    "content": {
      "component": "your_content_type",
      // and fields you define yourself are in here
    "position": -20,
    "is_startpage": false,
    "parent_id": 107348,
    "group_id": "4add5c88-8d9c-4480-bfcf-63016c4c463e",
    "alternates": [
        "id": 107381,
        "name": "Mein dritter Beitrag",
        "slug": "my-third-post",
        "full_slug": "en/my-third-post",
        "is_folder": false,
        "parent_id": 107356