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Operation: `lt-date`

Think of it at BEFORE a specific date. Allows you to filter fields of type date/datetime (Format: YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM). Returns all entries that are lower than (eg. before) the provided date.

You can combined this query with the starts_with, pagination, other filter query, and query/sorting options of Stories if needed.

Use-cases: lt-date

You can create custom dates that allow you to schedule posts, launch products, schedule christmas teaser and more. Creating a field with the type date does not effect the published state of one content entry, but allows your frontend / server side implementation to query all entries before a specific date (eg. today)

Filter Query Description
filter_query[schedule][lt-date]=2018-12-24 09:00 all entries with date field schedule before "2018-12-24 09:00"


Example Request (All posts scheduled BEFORE date)

Example Response (All posts scheduled BEFORE date)

  "stories": [
      "name": "My second Post",
      "created_at": "2018-04-24T11:57:29.321Z",
      "published_at": "2018-12-10T14:10:18.964Z",
      "id": 123122,
      "uuid": "bfea4895-8a19-4e82-ae1c-1c591dce3094",
      "content": {
        "_uid": "2caef8f8-9c37-46b4-af19-8744ec5e1053",
        "image": "//",
        "title": "This is my second post title",
        "author": 107354,
        "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, *consectetur* adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod\ntempor incididunt...",
        // filtered on this schedule attribute;
        // In response because gt-date matches if 
        // date in entry is GREATER than provided value
        "schedule": "2018-04-22 14:32",
        "component": "post",
        "categories": [
        "description": "Description of the second"
      "slug": "my-second-post",
      "full_slug": "posts/my-second-post",