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Operation: `not_in`

Filter your entries by checking if your custom attribute (any field inside the content field) does not have a value that is equal to one of the values provided.

Use-cases: not_in

You can combined this query with the starts_with, pagination, other filter query, and query/sorting options of Stories if needed.

Filter Query Description
filter_query[author][not_in]=authorId&starts_with=posts/ all Posts except one Author
filter_query[seo.title][not_in]=Title all entries with field seo and a nested field title and not the value Title
filter_query[component][not_in]=post all entries without one Content Type
filter_query[component][not_in]=post,news all entries that are not of Content Type "post" or "news"
filter_query[featured][not_in]=true  all entries where the field featured is not true


Example Request (all Posts without specific Author)

Example Response

  "stories": [
      "name": "My first post",
      "id": 107349,
      "uuid": "ac0d2ed0-e323-43ca-ae59-5cd7d38683cb",
      "content": {
        "_uid": "98cccd01-f807-4494-996d-c6b0de2045a5",
        "image": "//",
        "title": "My second title",
        // filtered on this author attribute
        "author": "33f4fb1b-5243-4bf2-246e-7d5753607421",
        "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, *consectetur* adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod...",
        "schedule": "2018-08-31 21:59",
        "component": "post",
        "categories": [
        "description": "Description of the first"
      "slug": "my-first-post",
      "full_slug": "posts/my-first-post",