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Filter Queries

With the filter_query you're able to filter by specific attribute(s) of your stories. The filter_query parameter accepts an attribute and an operation key.

Operation Description
in  Matches exactly one value
not_in  Matches all without the given value
in_array  Matches any value of given array
all_in_array  Must match all values of given array
gt-date  Greater than date (Format: YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM)
lt-date  Less than date (Format: 2018-03-03 10:00)
gt-int  Greater than integer value
lt-int  Less than integer value
gt-float  Greater than float value
lt-float  Less than float value

You can find one example for each filter query in the description page for each operation, and examples that combine multiple filters in the filter examples section.



GET /v1/cdn/stories/?filter_query[ATTRIBUTE][OPERATION]=VALUE,...

Example Story Object

We will demonstrate use-cases and example on a simple blog content structure as shown below. You're not limited by the fields in this example. Every field in the content field can be used as the ATTRIBUTE key in your filter_query.

  "story": {
    // default story object fields
    "content": {
      "component": "post",
        // attributes you define yoruself are located here
      "image": "//",
      "title": "My second title",
      "author": "22f4fb1b-50b3-4bf2-816e-7d589e307421",
      "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, *consectetur* adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod",
      "schedule": "2018-08-31 21:59",
      "description": "Description of the third",
      "categories": [