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Possible field types
Field Type Description
bloks Blocks; a field to interleave other components in your current one
text Text; a text field
 textarea Textarea; a text area
 markdown Markdown; write markdown with a text area and additional formatting options
 number Number; a number field
 datetime Date/Time; a date- and time picker
 boolean Boolean; a checkbox - true/false
 options Multi-Options; a list of checkboxes
 option Single-Option; a single dropdown
 image Image; a upload field for a single image with cropping possibilities
 file File; a upload field for a single file
 multiasset Multi-Assets; a upload field for a multiple files
 multilink Link; an input field for internal linking to other stories
 section Group; no input possibility - allows you to group fields in sections
 custom Plugin; Extend the editor yourself with a color picker or similar - Check out: Creating a Storyblok field type plugin


Example Object

"field_key": {
  "type": "text", // <-- field type