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The Component Field

Not every property will be used for every field type; some may only effect specific types.

Property Description
id Numeric Unique ID
type The type of your field
pos Position of field in component
translateable Can field be translated; Default: false
required Is field required; Default: false
regex Client Regex validation for the field
description Description shown in the editor interface
default_value Default value for the field; Can be an escaped JSON object
can_sync Advanced usage to sync with field in preview; Default: false
preview_field Is used as instance preview field below component name in bloks types
no_translate Boolean; Should be excluded in translation export
rtl Boolean; Enable global RTL for this field
Only for type: markdown, text, textarea
rich_markdown Enable rich markdown view by default (true/false);
Only for type: markdown
keys Array of field keys to include in this section;
Only for type: section
field_type Name of the custom field type plugin;
Only for type: custom
source Possible values: undefined: Self; internal_stories: Stories; internal: Datasource; external: API Endpoint in Datasource Entries Array Format;
Only for type: options, option, custom;
use_uuid Default: true; available in option and source=internal_stories
folder_slug Filter on selectable stories path; Effects editor only if source=internal_stories; In case you have a multi-language folder structure you can add the '{0}' placeholder and the path will be adapted dynamically. Examples: "{0}/categories/", {0}/{1}/categories/
datasource_slug Define selectable datasources string; Effects editor only if source=internal
external_datasource Define external datasource JSON Url; Effects editor only if source=external
options Array of datasource entries [{name:"", value:""}]; Effects editor only if source=undefined
image_crop Activate force crop for images: (true/false);
Only for type: image
keep_image_size Keep original size: (true/false);
Only for type: image
image_width Define width in px or width ratio if keep_image_size is enabled;
Only for type: image
image_height Define height in px or height ratio if keep_image_size is enabled;
Only for type: image
asset_folder_id Default asset folder numeric id to store uploaded image of that field;
Only for type: image
add_https Prepends https: to stop usage of relative protocol;
Only for type: image, file
restrict_components Activate restriction nestable component option; Default: false;
Only for type: bloks
maximum Maximum amount of added bloks in this blok field;
Only for type: bloks
restrict_content_types Activate restriction content type option;
Only for type: multilink
component_whitelist Array of component/content type names: ["post","page","product"];
Only for type: bloks, multilink
disable_time Disables time selection from date picker; Default: false;
Only for type: datetime
max_length Set the max length of the input string;
Only for type: text, textarea, markdown


Example Object

// name of the field as key eg. "field key" in schema property in your component
"title": {
  "type": "text",
  "pos": 0,
  "translatable": true,
  "required": true,
  "regex": "",
  "description": "Description for the field",
  "display_name": "",
  "default_value": "",
  "can_sync": false,
  "rtl": false,
  "no_translate": false