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Create a Story

You can set most of the fields that are available in the story object, below we only list the properties in the example and the possible required fields. Stories are not published by default. If you want to create a published Story add the parameter publish with the value 1.

Property Description
story Your full story object
story[name] Name of the story is required
story[slug] Slug is required; Used to identify the story (can not include /create stories with is_folder and required path segments and parent_id link instead)
story[content] Object structure for your content
story[default_root] (required*) Default content type/root component. (*Required if is_folder is true)
publish Should the story be published immediately (set 1 to publish)
release_id Numeric ID of release (optional)

You can save any data in the story[content] attribute, and use it in the editor, as long as you follow these rules:

  • The story[content] property needs to be an object at the root level
  • Every object inside needs to have the property "component":"your_components_name"
  • Only nest components using arrays, except if you want to build a custom field type

This lets you import data and define the schema of your components afterwards in the interface where necessary.


Example Request

You will receive a fully loaded story object as a response.