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Retrieve multiple Stories

Returns an array of story objects without content. Can be filtered with the parameters below and is paged.

Parameter  Description
page  Current page of stories
contain_component  Filters by component in all levels of the content. Allows comma separated value for multiple components
search_term  Filter by a term using full text search
sort_by  Sort entries by specific attribute and order with content.YOUR_FIELD:asc and content.YOUR_FIELD:desc. Possible values are all root attributes of the entry (position and parent_position are special invisible attributes) and all fields of your content type inside content with a dot as seperator. Example: 'position:asc', 'parent_position:asc', 'content.your_custom_field:asc', 'created_at:desc'
pinned  Filter by pinned stories if '1'
excluding_ids  Exclude stories by ids (comma separated) from result
by_ids  Filter by ids (comma separated)
by_uuids  Filter by uuids (comma separated)
with_tag  Filter by tag
folder_only  Filter by folders only
story_only  Filter by stories only
with_parent  Filter by parent id
with_slug  Filter by exact slug
starts_with  Filter stories starting with a specific slug
in_trash  Filter by items in the trash folder
search  Filter by search term
filter_query  Filter by specific attribute(s) of your content type. See content delivery api documentation.


Example Request

Example Request with search_term

Example Request with by_uuids

You will receive an array of story objects without content as response.