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Node.js / Express boilerplate

A Node.js / Express boilerplate which uses Storyblok as datasource for rendering components.

GitHub release

This boilerplate comes with a ready to use landing page using bootstrap as CSS framework. You can access the project on

Editing in Storyblok

What is a boilerplate?

A boilerplate gives you a starting point for using Storyblok as API-based CMS for your next project.

How to get started?

The most efficient way to start a Storyblok project would be with the Command Line Interface.

npm i storyblok -g

and choose your boilerplate. You can of course simply download or clone this repository as well.

git clone

After you cloned the repository execute following commands:

  1. npm install
  2. gulp
  3. Make sure you have created a space on with the location pointing to http://localhost:4301.
  4. To copy over the components this projects uses you can use following CLI command:
storyblok push-components


Get your private token from your space on and exchange it in the file index.js.

let Storyblok = new StoryblokClient({
  privateToken: 'YOUR_TOKEN'

You want to know more about storyblok?

Storyblok Logo