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🎨 Materials for your articles and talks about storybook
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Storybook brand

This repository contains Storybook brand assets. Feel free to use and customize these assets for your articles, talks, addons, websites, and anything else you can think of.

  • Logo
  • Icon
  • Badge
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Presentation template
  • Illustrations
  • Video


Default Inverse
Default Inverse (white text)


Default Inverse Monochrome
Default Inverse (white icon) Monochrome


Share that your project uses Storybook by adding our badge to your readme or website.


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>


Storybook uses these fonts on the website and promotional materials.

Font Weights Link
Nunito Sans 400 (normal), 600 (bold), 900 (black) Google fonts, Local
Daniel black Dafont

Note: The Storybook UI includes the Nunito Sans webfont in the font-family declaration but does not require users to download it.


Color HEX value
Coral       #FF4785 #FF4785
Ocean #1EA7FD #1EA7FD
Orange #FC521F #FC521F
Gold #FFAE00 #FFAE00
Green #66BF3C #66BF3C
Seafoam #37D5D3 #37D5D3
Purple #6F2CAC #6F2CAC
Ultraviolet #2A0481 #2A0481
Monochrome HEX value
Darkest       #333333 #333333
Darker #444444 #444444
Dark #666666 #666666
Mediumdark #999999 #999999
Mediumlight #EEEEEE #EEEEEE
Light #F3F3F3 #F3F3F3
Lighter #F8F8F8 #F8F8F8

Presentation template

Share Storybook at work, meetups, and conferences. Get a head start on your slides with our ready-to-use presentation (Keynote, PDF).

View presentation


Custom illustrations are located in /illustrations. For illustations used on the website go to storybooks/frontpage.


The intro video, source files, and assets are located in /video.



  • Sacha Grief the awesome designer of the 2017 logo (which inspired the current logo and icon)
  • Daniel Egerev the amazing video animator
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