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Merge pull request #9885 from gaguirre/patch-3
Fix typo on AsyncStorage section
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shilman committed Feb 25, 2020
1 parent 853c72a commit 654aeb9
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Expand Up @@ -178,14 +178,14 @@ To avoid that now you have to manually pass asyncStorage to React Native Storybo


- Use `require('@react-native-community/async-storage').AsyncStorage` for React Native v0.59 and above.
- Use `require('@react-native-community/async-storage').default` for React Native v0.59 and above.
- Use `require('react-native').AsyncStorage` for React Native v0.58 or below.
- Use `null` to disable Async Storage completely.

asyncStorage: require('@react-native-community/async-storage').AsyncStorage || require('react-native').AsyncStorage || null
asyncStorage: require('@react-native-community/async-storage').default || require('react-native').AsyncStorage || null

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