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Fortran IDL
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Eric T. Wolf

DESCRIPTION:  This code contains system files, source code, initial conditions files, and namelists needed to adapt the NCAR Community Earth System Model for planetary/exoplanetary applications.  The files provided do not run standalone.  This is a patch to be used with standard distributions of CESM version 1.2.1.  CESM is freely available at

PRE-REQUISITE:  Familiarity with checking out, building, and running CESM 1.2.1 is assumed.  Please refer to the publicly available CESM user’s guide for details.

ExoCAM is intended to be run with ExoRT, a correlated-k radiative transfer package available at  

SPECIFC INSTRUCTIONS are located individual config directories located at ../ExoCAM/cesm1.2.1/configs/*/README

!! Disclaimer.
The code is constantly evolving.  There are no gaurantees of mercantibility
and warrantability, etc.  Sometimes I make mistakes.    Not all functionalties are supported.  While support for ExoCAM and ExoRT is limited, if you intend to use ExoCAM and ExoRT, please contact to ensure that your particular application is reasonable, and importantly, I may help you avoid potential pit falls, traps, and other idiosyncracies in the model that could result in lost productivity.

!! Citing ExoCAM
If you use ExoCAM in your work, please footnote to where the model is available.  I.e. my Github pages.

No particular citataions are required.  However, note that ExoCAM and ExoRT are the culmination of years of gradual development.
Wolf, E.T. and Toon, O.B. (2013) AsBio 13,7,1-18
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Komacek, T.D. and Abbot, D.S. (2019) ApJ 871,245 

cesm1.2.1  -- model versions for CESM1.2.1
idl_progs  -- a colletion of idl utilities

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