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Storyworlds created with SWAT by various authors from 2009–2017. Many are incomplete sketches due to the sunsetting of the original Storytron technology in 2010.

Note: In all storyworlds the Protagonist operator has been replaced with the protagonist Actor.


  • BareBones - A minimal storyworld to use as a starting point for your own efforts (replaced by SWAT > File > New)
  • ChitChat - A sample conversational storyworld with five actors, four stages, five props and a minimal verb set


  • BoP2K - Balance of Power updated for the 21st century
  • PromNight - A high school dating scenario
  • LMD-2011 - The original verson of the Le Morte D'Arthur battle scene
  • LMD-2017 - A 2017 version of the Le Morte D'Arthur battle scene
  • Bagatelle - A gossip and dating (?) scenario


  • the ravine 26


  • Aura Combat - A aura combat experiment for Siboot
  • Flattery - An experiment with various actor reactions to different levels of flattery
  • InConversation - An experiment greeting actors and indicating who's in conversation and who's not
  • InConversation2 - Another experiment greeting actors and indicating who's in conversation and who's not
  • InConversation3 - Another experiement greeting actors and indicating those in conversatio
  • Interstitial - An Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot interstitial story experiment
  • LockePaperScissors - A rock, paper, scissors experiment
  • Lost & Found - An experiment with finding charcters who I believe were supposed to wander all over the map (poisoned)
  • LostTutorial - An fight or flight experiment (poisoned)
  • Meet & Greet - A greet/ignore/return greeting experiment (poisoned)
  • OpenClosed - Another meet & greet experiment
  • Say - A fear/trust/love experiment
  • Siboot - A partial version of Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot (T&B)
  • SibootNotebook - A PDF of the notebook I kept during the development of Siboot


  • Castle290309
  • FightWorld
  • Historian
  • HubVerb
  • RockPaperScissors
  • the_lost_ball_redo_22
  • Vampires5
  • DynamicDialog-Hello3