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StoryWorld Authoring Toolkit

This is the source code for Chris Crawford's storyworld authoring toolkit.

Required Software

  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers - Required if you want to download, build, and run the source code (we recommend installing the Photon package for your specific platform).
  • Git - Required if you want to fork the repository, make changes to the source code, and submit a pull request. Instructions on how to install and configure Git

After installing and configuring the required software please download this repository and follow the instructions below to build and run the source code.

In Eclipse

  1. Run Eclipse and set your workspace (first time only).
  2. Make sure the Project Explorer is visible. If the Project Explorer is not visible select Show View > Project Explorer from the Window menu.
  3. Select New -> Java Project from the File menu. The New Java Project dialog will appear.
  4. In the dialog type “SWAT” (without quotes) in the Project Name field.
  5. In the dialog uncheck the [ ] Use Default Location checkbox.
  6. In the dialog click the Browse button to the right of the Location field.
  7. Navigate to folder containing the SWAT source code. Select this folder and click the Open button. Note: This folder is the top-level one created when you download or unzip the SWAT source code.
  8. In the dialog select the Finish button. The dialog will disappear and SWAT folder and its contents will show up in the Project Explorer.
  9. In the Project Explorer select the SWAT folder
  10. Select Run As > Java Application from the Run menu.
  11. Select “SwatMain - com.storytron.swat” from the Select Java Application dialog list.
  12. Click the OK button to run SWAT.


  1. In the Open dialog navigate to the SWAT/res/data/ folder and select the ChitChat storyworld file (storyworld files have a .stw extension).
  2. Click the Open button to open the selected storyworld in SWAT.
  3. Select Storyteller from the Lizards menu to run the storyworld.


StoryWorld Authoring Toolkit v1.3




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