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Flash cards

Template for creating self-test apps. It's a Progressive Web App. Works offline too. Build with React. Need a say more?

Easiest to use with CRAFT (Create React App From Template), wrieteup, npm module.

Creating your own quizes

Install Node.js


$ npm install -g create-react-app
$ npm install -g craftool
$ craft MyApp https://github.com/stoyan/flashcards/archive/master.zip
$ cd MyApp
$ npm install .
$ npm start .

Then open src/App.js and edit the "// the actual quiz" part to create your own flash cards.

And finally

$ npm run build

Copy the contents of build/ to a server nearby.




This template in action: https://tools.w3clubs.com/flashcards/

An app built from this template: https://tools.w3clubs.com/reactorpizza/

A little more

Once you create your new app from the template, you need to go edit App.js.

Up there at the top are three functions you need to implement. (Of course you can edit any and all JS/CSS/HTML but this here describes the simplest use scenario).

The functions are:


You can return the total number of flashcards, e.g.

function getCount() {
  return 101;

Or you can return null, meaning you can generate infinte number of flashcards (that is, until the cows come home, then it's anybody's guess)

function getCount() {
  return null;


This function should return a single question. It can be randomly generated to infinity (if your getCount() returns null)

function getQuestion(_ignoreme) {
  return Math.random();

Or it can be the next question in sequence:

const questions = ['Meaning of life?', 'Meaning of Love?'];
function getQuestion(i) { // i starts with 1
  return questions[i - 1];


Exactly like getQuestion(), it should return the answer to the i-th question

const answers = ['42', '42'];
function getAnswer(i) {
  return answers[i - 1];

If your question was randomly generated, maybe a temp var could help

let answer;
function getQuestion(_whatever) {
  const a = Math.floor(Math.random() * 100);
  const b = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);
  answer = a + b;
  return `${a} + ${b}`;

function getAnswer(_nobodycares) {
  return answer;


Find me on Twitter with questions, spelling corrections or utter disappointment in thus here offering.