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<title>"The Brain is wider than the Sky" by Emily Dickinson</title>
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<h1>The Brain is wider than the Sky</h1>
<h2>by Emily Dickinson</h2>
The Brain is wider than the Sky -<br/>
For - put them side by side -<br/>
The one the other will contain<br/>
With ease - and You - beside -
The Brain is deeper than the sea -<br/>
For - hold them - Blue to Blue -<br/>
The one the other will absorb -<br/>
As Sponges - Buckets - do -
The Brain is just the weight of God<br/>
For - heft them - Pound for Pound<br/>
And they will differ - if they do -<br/>
As Syllable from Sound -
<p><a href='/'>Monadnock Press</a> &gt; <a href='/dickinson/'>Dickinson</a></p>
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