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<title>"He Seems to Me" by Sappho</title>
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<h1>He Seems to Me</h1>
<h2>by Sappho</h2>
<h3>translated by Peter Saint-Andre</h3>
He seems to me, that one,<br/>
An equal of the gods,<br />
The man fixed there, who sits<br/>
Across from you and hears<br/>
Close by your voice, your laugh,<br/>
Which once so shook my soul.
For as I look on you,<br />
My voice yields up no sound,<br />
My tongue silently shivers,<br />
My skin turns hot with fire,<br/>
My eyes give me no sight,<br />
My ears pound their own sound,<br />
A sweat chills over me,<br />
A trembling seizes me,<br />
I'm paler than the reeds,<br />
And in my weakened state,<br/>
I'm little short of death.
But all must be endured....
<p><a href='/'>Monadnock Valley Press</a> &gt; <a href='/sappho/'>Sappho</a></p>