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There is no spoon.

I found that the hostapp included in was a bit disappointing.

It required the gcode to be split in one file per layer(color). But the Inkscape plugin had them in the same gcode file, with added "M1 (Layer 3 Red)" between each layer. That seemed to be a good command to use, so this program will prompt You with a dialog to change pen and then continue printing.

Serialsettings are hardcoded in the source. Baudrate 256000 Stopbits 1 Flowcontrol None Databits 8 Parity None

Precompiled for Windows x86 with MSVC2010


All-in-one with Arduino code, and Inkscape (in German) change "LANG=de" to "LANG=en" in InkscapePortable/Data/settings/InkscapePortableSettings.ini