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STRAKS Release

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Decentralised, Open Source, Community Driven Digital Currency


  • MN payment bug fix.

STRAKS Launchpad PPA

Launchpad PPA:

# add universe repo if not enabled already
$ sudo apt-add-repository universe

# install STRAKS via ppa
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:straks/straks
$ sudo apt-get update

# install daemon only
$ sudo apt-get install straksd
# and/or install straks-qt for UI version
$ sudo apt-get install straks-qt

# add your own conf file/wallet.dat to your home .straks directory (if applicable)
# and then start the daemon
$ straksd --daemon
# or GUI
$ straks-qt

# once synced, check status
$ straks-cli getinfo

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