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Orchestra Visual Flow Programming

This Wiki is intended to collect information about how to use Orchestra, not how to develop it or install it

What is Orchestra?

Orchestra is a full-featured Visual Flow Programming Interface for Python that runs inside of Jupyter Notebooks. Visual flow programming has many other uses in many domains (MaxMSP, Grasshopper, Labview, and others), but Orchestra aims to be the best targeted at general-purpose Machine Learning and Data Munging Tasks. It allows you to write powerful python scripts without knowing python syntax or the details of the python functions you're calling underneath. It looks like this:


Feature Overview

  • Start working immediately without knowing any Python!
  • View Pandas Dataframes as normal Spreadsheets
  • Copy/Paste From Dataframes to Spreadsheets
  • Import/Export CSV or JSON data
  • Export variables to the containing Jupyter Notebook, and continue working on their contents in Vanilla Python
  • Visualize using Matplotlib
  • Work on numerous datasets at once
  • Get immediate and helpful feedback about errors in your code. They turn red, and show you the corresponding error message!
  • Iterate faster than you ever could while writing code
  • Build APIs immediately, turning your Orchestra definition into an extensible microservice. Again, no Python.
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