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* Install grails 1.3.7

* Install git

* Install postgresql 
    a. sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-client pgadmin3
    b. sudo -u postgres psql postgres
        # \password postgres
    c. Edit pg_hba.conf and set authentication method to trust instead of peer for localhost
    d. createdb -Upostgres biodiv

* Get a copy of the application
    a. cd ~; mkdir git; cd git;
    b. git clone
    c. cd biodiv; 
    d. grails upgrade

* Install postGIS
    a. /etc/init.d/postgresql stop
    b. apt-get install postgresql-9.1-postgis
    c. Run following to make biodiv a spatially enabled database (required for map module)
        a. createlang -Upostgres plpgsql biodiv;
        b. psql -Upostgres -d biodiv -f /usr/share/postgresql/9.1/contrib/postgis-1.5/postgis.sql
        c. psql -Upostgres -d biodiv -f /usr/share/postgresql/9.1/contrib/postgis-1.5/spatial_ref_sys.sql

* Install following plugins to convert and optimize images 
    a. audo apt-get install imagemagick
    b. sudo apt-get install jpegoptim

* Tune jvm memory settings for the application. Some of the commands that would be useful for development are mentioned in repoHome/.bashrc file. Add it to your bashrc profile settings as shown below  
    a. vim ~/.bashrc
    b. add line : source ~/git/biodiv/.bashrc
    c. save and run : source ~/.bashrc

* Run application 
    a. cd ~/git/biodiv
    b. grails run-app

* Setting the apache virtual host configuration 
    sudo ln -s ~/git/biodiv/app-conf/apache-virtualhost-conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/
    sudo ln -s ~/git/biodiv/app-conf/apache-virtualhost-conf /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
    sudo a2enmod proxy proxy_connect proxy_ftp proxy_http rewrite include expires headers
    sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

* Setting up host locally for dev  
    sudo vim /etc/hosts biodiv

* Install names parer 
    a. sudo gem install biodiversity

* app.rootDir in grails-app/conf/Config.groovy points to a directory where all application specific data files, templates and configuration files are stored. By default in development mode it points to app-conf folder in this repository.

* app.siteName, app.logo, app.favicon properties can be set to change the portal name, logo and favicon respectively