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Naive wrapper around libGeoIP.
-1) Install libGeoIP shared libraries.
-2) Download GeoLiceCity.dat and place in `/usr/local/share/GeoIP`
-2) Run `node-waf configure build`
-3) Test `node examples/lookup.js`
+1) Install libGeoIP_ shared libraries.
+2) Download GeoLiteCity.dat_ and place it in `/usr/local/share/GeoIP` (see note
+ below on file placement).
+2) Run `node-waf configure build`.
+3) Test `node examples/lookup.js`.
-(should work out of the box if everything is installed into `/usr/local` --
-otherwise tweak example to match your placement of the Geo* database)
+NOTE: These wrappers will not work with the database that is installed by
+default when you install libGeoIP. You must download the city-version of the
+NOTE: Everything should work out of the box if the database is placed in
+`/usr/local/share/GeoIP` -- otherwise you might need to tweak the examples to
+match your placement of the database)
+.. _libGeoIP:
+.. _GeiLiteCity.dat:

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