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Graphics fix for Diablo 1. Fixes various graphical issues and adds some features. Also includes a graphical interface for options selection.

  • Window and Full Screen Mode
  • No Corrupted Desktop Colors
  • Multiple Resolutions in Window Mode and Fullscreen
  • V-Sync On/Off
  • Screenshots Saved as PNG Files
  • Proper Aspect Ratio in Full Screen Mode
  • Easy In-game Menu Configuration Of Video Settings
  • Should Work With All Versions and Expansions (Tested with Diablo 1.0, 1.09, Hellfire 1.0)



This was an attempt to create a graphical fix for Daiblo 1 that does absolutely no modification of the game binary files. It only exists as a modified version of the DirectDraw library that is then loaded by the game at runtime. This allows it to potentially work with any version of Diablo including the expansion.

Known Issues

  • Slight Refresh Problems in the Main Menu
  • Can Not Be Used For Play on
  • Can Only Access In-game Video Settings While Playing (not in main menu)


Run the game with command line options

  • /ddrawlog to write debug messages to ddraw_debug.log
  • /ddrawdebug to write debug messages to a console

Command line parameters are currently broken, requires code change to enable debug logging.

Press the ~ key to open the in-game graphics setting menu. Use the arrow keys to navigate/change settings and enter to apply. Escape will exit the menu without applying settings.

Press Alt + Enter to toggle between fullscreen and window mode quickly

Press Print Screen to take a screenshot, it will be saved in the game run directoy with the same file name as a normal screenshot but in PNG format. All screenshots are saved in native game resolution (640x480).

Source Code Notes

DirectDraw functions actually used by the game are implemented in a minimalist way. Many unused functions are partially implemented and commented for future development, some are left as unimplemented. This is not in any way a complete implementation of the DirectDraw library.

Build Instructions

Required For Building

Successfully built and tested with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017

Note: Default project copies ddraw.dll into C:\Diablo on compile


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