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//This is a common service/model pattern in Strange:
//We want something usually reserved to MonoBehaviours to be available
//elsewhere. Maybe someday we'll write a version that
//eschews MonoBehaviours altogether...but for now we simply leverage
//that behavior and provide it in injectable form.
//In this case, we're making Coroutines available everywhere in the app
//by attaching a MonoBehaviour to the ContextView.
//IRoutineRunner can be injected anywhere, minimizing direct dependency
//on MonoBehaviours.
using System;
using strange.extensions.context.api;
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using strange.extensions.injector.api;
namespace strange.examples.strangerocks
//An implicit binding. We map this binding as Cross-Context by default.
[Implements(typeof(IRoutineRunner), InjectionBindingScope.CROSS_CONTEXT)]
public class RoutineRunner : IRoutineRunner
public GameObject contextView{ get; set; }
private RoutineRunnerBehaviour mb;
public void PostConstruct()
mb = contextView.AddComponent<RoutineRunnerBehaviour> ();
public Coroutine StartCoroutine(IEnumerator routine)
return mb.StartCoroutine(routine);
public class RoutineRunnerBehaviour : MonoBehaviour