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Strange Loop 2011 speaker slides
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Alexandrescu-GenericProgrammingD.pdf another batch
Allen-TeachingCodeLiteracy.pdf next batch
Ashkenas-CoffeeScript.pdf Add CoffeeScript talk
Ball-DataMapperInfinispan.pdf b
Beary-fog.pdf b
Bjarnason-Scalaz.pdf b
Borders-TestingiOS.pdf another batch
Breslav-Kotlin.pdf another batch
Burke-TamingAndroid.pdf Added Eric Burke's "Taming Android" PDF slides.
Cashion-Chloe-small.pdf Add small version of Chloe presentation
Cashion-Chloe.pdf cashion
Chacon-ThreeTrees.pdf c-d
Davis-MobileHTML5-small.pdf Add smaller version of Scott Davis slides
Davis-MobileHTML5.pdf Fix Scott Davis 0-byte pdf
Duey-MonadsEasy.pdf another batch
Ferrin-StageMagic.pdf f-h
Ford-FunctionalThinking.pdf ford
Gonzalez-BuildingApplicationjQuery UI.pdf
Johnson-AndroidAppAssimilation.pdf PDF export of Logan's Prezi
Ketelsen-Skynet.pdf k
Kreuter-TransactionsWithoutTransactions.pdf k
Lee-ProductEngineering-small.pdf Add low-res versions of Mike Lee and Howard Lewis Ship talks
Lee-ProductEngineering.pdf l
LewisShip-MetaprogrammingJava-small.pdf Add low-res versions of Mike Lee and Howard Lewis Ship talks
Lindsay-DistributedGeventZmq.pdf more
Luciani-HadoopCassandra.pdf next batch
Manek-DistSystemsWhatNobodyToldYou.pdf Add slides for Shanel Maneks talk Distributed Systems: What Nobody To…
ManesFry-ConcurrentCachingAtGoogle.pdf first batch
Marz-Storm.pdf another batch
Mizerany-OnDistFailures.pdf Add Blake Mizerany Doozer talk
Moon-Scalang.pdf more
Noel-DistributedSTM.pdf another batch
Odom-Vim.pdf o-r
Pamer-FutureOfFSharp.pdf Add Joe Pamers slides
Potter-DyamnoRiakCore.pdf last couple videos
Ribera-MirahAndroidDevelopment.pdf another batch
Seidman-DistributedDataAnalysisHadoopR.pdf another batch
Sierra-ClojureIntro.pdf first batch
Simpson-Scriptloaders.pdf next batch
StrangeLoop2011Program.pdf Strange Loop 2011 program
Suereth-AkkaReloaded.pdf another batch
Sussman-WeDontKnowHowToCompute.pdf first batch
Szegedi-Dynalink.pdf more
Taylor-Tale2Runtimes-small.pdf Add low-res version of Matt Taylors talk
Taylor-Tale2Runtimes.pdf couple more
Tellman-EventDrivenProgrammingInClojure.pdf add Zach Tellman's presentation
Thorup-RiakMobile.pdf rename for naming convention
Volkmann-CSS3andSass.pdf first batch
Wampler-HeresiesDogmasSoftwareDev.pdf next batch
Williams-RatpackClassyCompactGroovy.pdf next batch
WirfsBrock-PostPC.pdf wirfs
Young-ParserCombinators.pdf Add parser combinators talk
Young-WhyCouchDB.pdf next batch

This repo holds slides from the Strange Loop 2011 conference. Learn more at

All slides are copyright the speaker (not Strange Loop) and unless otherwise specified by the author, all rights are reserved by the author.

Links to video will be added as they are released.

Enjoy! Alex Miller



  • Languages Panel - Sussman, Hickey, Wirfs-Brock, Andrescu, Pamer, Ashkenas, Wampler (video)





Early workshops

  • Clojure Part 1: Intro to Clojure - Stuart Sierra
  • Erlang: Language Essentials - Martin Logan
  • Machine Learning - Hilary Mason
  • Node.js Bootcamp - James Carr
  • Learn Scala Interactively with the Scala Koans - Dianne Marsh, Joel Neely, Daniel Hinojosa
  • Intermediate Android - Michael Galpin
  • Git Foundations - Matthew McCullough
  • HTML 5 - Nathaniel Schutta

Late workshops

  • Clojure Part 2: Building Analytics with Clojure - Aaron Bedra
  • Erlang: Production Grade - Eric Merritt GitHub
  • Haskell: Functional Programming, Solid Code, Big Data - Bryan O'Sullivan (GitHub)
  • Cascalog - Nathan Marz
  • Intro to Django - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  • Getting Cozy with Emacs - Phil Hagelberg
  • Git Advanced - Matthew McCullough
  • jQuery - Nathaniel Schutta
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