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This repo holds slides from the Strange Loop 2011 conference. Learn more at

All slides are copyright the speaker (not Strange Loop) and unless otherwise specified by the author, all rights are reserved by the author.

Links to video will be added as they are released.

Enjoy! Alex Miller



  • Languages Panel - Sussman, Hickey, Wirfs-Brock, Andrescu, Pamer, Ashkenas, Wampler (video)





Early workshops

  • Clojure Part 1: Intro to Clojure - Stuart Sierra
  • Erlang: Language Essentials - Martin Logan
  • Machine Learning - Hilary Mason
  • Node.js Bootcamp - James Carr
  • Learn Scala Interactively with the Scala Koans - Dianne Marsh, Joel Neely, Daniel Hinojosa
  • Intermediate Android - Michael Galpin
  • Git Foundations - Matthew McCullough
  • HTML 5 - Nathaniel Schutta

Late workshops

  • Clojure Part 2: Building Analytics with Clojure - Aaron Bedra
  • Erlang: Production Grade - Eric Merritt GitHub
  • Haskell: Functional Programming, Solid Code, Big Data - Bryan O'Sullivan (GitHub)
  • Cascalog - Nathan Marz
  • Intro to Django - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  • Getting Cozy with Emacs - Phil Hagelberg
  • Git Advanced - Matthew McCullough
  • jQuery - Nathaniel Schutta