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Allaun-FunctionalVectorsMapsAndSetsInJulia.pdf Add functional julia slides
Anderson-FutureOfMobile.pdf add Anderson slides
Ashworth-WebAppsInClojureAndClojureScriptWithPedestal.pdf Adding Brenton Ashworth's Pedestal slides add Benvie and DePue
BlochLee-JavaPuzzlers.pdf zing
Borders-MakeYourAppsAccessibleToAll.pdf Heath Borders - Make Your Apps Accessible to All.
Borgatti-DissectingReducers.pdf Borgatti-DissectingReducers.pdf talk
Broechler-GraphComputingAtScale.pdf blerf
Burmako-PhilosophyOfScalaMacros.pdf provides a forgotten link to the @Enum macro annotation discussion
Chan-BustTheAndroidFragmentationMyth.pdf add slides
Chevalier-FastAndDynamic.pdf flurb
Czaplicki-FRPinElm.pdf foo
DePue-BuildingaMultiMasterRedisinErlang.pdf add Benvie and DePue
Dutkiewicz-HistoryOfWiT.pptx glorf
Eardley-TrackingMillionsOfGanksInNearRealTime.pdf add Eardley slides
Eden-ErlangForAuthorititativeDNS.pdf Slides for Anthony Eden's "Erlang for Authoritative DNS"
Egorov-BuildingOptimisingCompilerForDart.pdf blerf links to presos
FabbroMills-JavaScriptForScience.pdf foo
Gaynor-WhyRubyIsntSlow.pdf Add Gaynor slides
Gilman-VisualizationDriveDev.pdf Add Gilman slides
Haller-ScalaAsync.pdf Add link to "How does text become data?"
Herhut-ConcurrencyParallelComputingInJavaScript.pdf add Herhut slides
Hunter-CQRSwithErlang.pdf Add Bryan Hunter's CQRS with Erlang slide deck.
Johnson-Raft.pdf glorf Add Spanner presentation.
Kanthak-Spanner.pdf Remove (unapproved) logo.
Karpinski-JuliaTheDesignImpactOfMultipleDispatch.ipynb Create Karpinski-JuliaTheDesignImpactOfMultipleDispatch.ipynb
Kingsbury-PartitionsForEveryone.pdf Add Kingsbury and Odersky slides
Lopes-ExercisesInStyle.pdf add Martens slides
Maymounkov-GoCircuit.pdf plurg
Meyerovich-ThinkingDSLsForMassiveVisualization.pptx flurb
Miller-SporesDistributableFunctions.pdf Add Spores talk
Moffitt-Servo.pdf Add Moffitt slides update and add slides
Nystrom-DartForTheLanguageEnthusiast.pdf Add Nystrom slides
Odersky-TroubleWithTypes.pptx Add Kingsbury and Odersky slides
Pajer-CategoryTheory.pdf Added Pajer-CategoryTheory pdf.
PodwysockiMalayeri-CuringAsyncBlues.pdf Adding Curing Async Blues Podwysocki/Malayeri
Pollak_getting_pushy.key Added @dpp's getting pushy slides
Pollak_getting_pushy.pdf Added @dpp's getting pushy slides Update
SabinBrady-ScalaIdris.pdf add Scala Idris pdf links to presos
Schroeder - Generation Minecraft - Kids Building Update Schroeder - Generation Minecraft - Kids Building
Tabriz-ChromeSecurity.pdf add Tabriz slides
Vokes-zipCodeUnpackingDataCompression.pdf foo
Wilk-CreativeMachines.pdf name consistency
Zakai-asmjs.pdf Add Zakai slides

What's This?

This folder collects slides from the Strange Loop 2013 sessions.

If you try to download slides and see a "Blob too big" error, then the file is too large for GitHub to serve through it's web API. In that case, you should clone the repo:

git clone

Tell Me More!

Go to the Coverage wiki page for links to pictures, videos, blog reviews, and lots more.

Early draft videos are currently available only to attendees. Final videos will be released on InfoQ on a rolling basis for about 6 months following the conference.

Will This Happen Again?

Strange Loop 2014 is tentatively scheduled for Sept 17-19, 2014 in St. Louis, MO, USA. Track it on Lanyrd or join the mailing list.

How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down?


The End.

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