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Strange Loop 2017 - Lightning Talks

This directory is meant for posting talks selected for the Strange Loop 2017 lightning talks, Friday, September 29, at Union Station in Grand EF from 8:30-10:00 pm. Speakers whose talks were chosen should submit a pull request to this repo to add their slides before the evening of the lightning talks.

Talks shared in this way allows the conference organizers to run each lightning talk from the same laptop.

Lightning talks selected by popular vote are as follows:

  1. TypeScript 101 by @fvcproductions - A short introduction to TypeScript and the benefits it provides to large-scale projects
  2. GraphQL in Practice by @nickvanw - An introduction to GraphQL and how it benefits GitHub internally and externally
  3. Home Automation without the cloud by @balloob - Short introduction to Home Assistant, one of the biggest open source home automation frameworks.
  4. The Voldemort Effect by @litonico_ - A lighthearted, very short talk about why Voldemort didn't win and what that means for how we think about ideas in tech
  5. Why Not Haskell? by @cercerilla - A look at why Haskell is great, but hasn't gotten wider adoption in industry, plus a summary of lessons I've learned trying to teach and foster the St. Louis Haskell community
  6. striking out on your own by @wyc - how to get clients and sling code for them without falling flat on your face.
  7. Programming Shibboleths by @thursdayb — A quick discussions on shibboleths (including jokes, social cues, and memes) in programming culture.
  8. Software Development Canaries by @blinkymach12 - Quickly diagnose and repair scary software development practices by applying a "canary in the coal mine" philosophy.
  9. Brainstorming with Introverts by @deedeelavinder - Tips for soliciting input from everyone on your team.
  10. Practical Privacy Protection by @eob - Practical things you can do to protect the privacy of your user, because it's the right thing to do, and because upcoming EU laws do apply to you.
  11. What's your story? On the importance of Storytelling by Sebastian Loh - I'll make a case for the importance to tell a good story if you want to build good software.
  12. Building a Memex by @hyfen - Proposed in 1945, the Memex was supposed to be the ultimate personal database. I’ll tell the story of my decade-long quest to build my own, and about the event-sourced, temporal graph database that powers it.