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See the Schedule for details

This wiki page is for suggestions for Strange Loop 2018 "Unsessions". On Thursday night, we have rooms available for you to meet with others with similar interests - please suggest topics here and we'll take the ones with the most interest!

  • When: Thursday Sept 27th, 7-10 pm (in 60 min slots)
  • Where: Union Station Hotel, Grand ABC, Grand D, and some in Grand EF (lightning talks will also be using this)
  • Equipment: All rooms will have A/V available

Proposed talk template - copy this section and modify

  • Hosted by: your name / twitter
  • Description: short description of what this is about
  • Interest: add your Twitter ID or name if interested in this talk

Web development in Haskell

  • Hosted by: Libby Horacek / @horrorcheck
  • Description: Do you make websites or web apps with Haskell? What tools, libraries, and/or frameworks do you use? What is your deployment pipeline? What do you like and dislike about working with Haskell for web development? Let's talk about the challenges we run into and how to solve them.
  • Interest: @yjkogan @lorcanmcdonald @cyberglot @robertjlooby @dbp__ @cdepillabout @dshennen

Microcontroller/Embedded Programming Chat & Show and Tell

  • Hosted by: David Sutton / @zzsnzmn
  • Description: With Raspberry PI, Arduino, and other affordable devices becoming available it's super easy to build things that make noises, move things, or keep track of the outside world! In this space we can show off things we've made, want to make, or ask questions about how to get started. No physics/electronics/soldering skills required!
  • Interest: @loooorenanicole @dshennen

BYOD: Data Wrangling Horror Stories and Lessons

  • Hosted by: Lorena Mesa and Angel D'az / @loooorenanicole @angeld_az
  • Description: 50% of data work is data wrangling and the other 50% is complaining about data wrangling. Let's bring together our dirty datasets and/or scripts dealing with hard-to-deal-with data. Hopefully, we can draw from these experiences and impart lessons on what we've learned along the way.
  • Interest: @yjkogan @marylvv @adilakhter

Juggle Party

  • Hosted by: Hillel Wayne / @hillelogram
  • Description: Throw stuff in the air and catch it again. Other circus arts (poi, contact, staff, etc) welcome!
  • Interest: @cdepillabout

Live Coding Music with TidalCycles

  • Hosted by: Scott Fradkin / @sfradkin
  • Description: An introduction to the TidalCycles live coding language for music. This is a Haskell based language that is all about patterns. No Haskell or music experience needed to learn, just an interest in making noise!
  • Interest: @zzsnzmn @runarorama @masonoise @dave_yarwood @philip_with1l

Future of Programming Environments

Unison: Programming the Global Supercomputer

  • Hosted by: Rúnar Bjarnason / @runarorama
  • Description: Unison is a new purely functional programming language, currently under development. Unison treats any pool of networked machines as if they formed a single supercomputer, and lets you program this supercomputer simply and directly. This talk will introduce the Unison language, its type system, runtime, and developer experience, as well as the core ideas that make Unison unique.
  • More information: http://unisonweb.org
  • Interest: @aryairani @pchiusano @adilakhter @jimmyhmiller @dave_yarwood @runsascoded


  • Hosted by: Dave Yarwood / @dave_yarwood
  • Description: An unstructured hangout for anyone who programs in Lisp languages (Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Racket, etc.) for fun and/or profit.
  • Interest: @dave_yarwood @verdammelt


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