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Chas Emerick slides
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ to name the slides:
* [Knockbox, an Eventual Consistency Toolkit]( - [Reid Draper](!/reiddraper)
* [clojure@runa :: dynamic pricing through DSLs]( - Amit Rathore
* [Programming with Values in Clojure]( - Alan Dipert
-* What sucks about Clojure...and why you'll love it anyway - Chas Emerick
+* [What sucks about Clojure...and why you'll love it anyway]( - Chas Emerick
* [The Taming of the Deftype]( - Baishampayan Ghose
* [Introducing Immutant]( - Jim Crossley
* [Load testing with Clojure]( - Andy Kriger
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