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This wiki page is for suggestions for Clojure/West 2013 "Unsessions". Unsessions give you the opportunity to propose your own topics and find others with similar interests. We'll have several rooms available at the conference hotel (Courtyard City Portland) on the night of Monday, March 18th.

  • When: Monday March 18th, 6-10 pm (1 hour slots)
  • Where: Courtyard City Portland (Sequoia I, Sequoia II rooms)
  • Equipment: A projector and mic will be available in each of the provided rooms. You supply the brainssss.

Please add topics below or note your interest for existing ones. We plan to schedule rooms and times by interest, so sessions without as much interest may not fit!

Datomic beyond "Getting Started"

  • Hosted by: @bobby
  • Description: Datomic in 3 movements: 1) a very brief getting started, 2) a longer discussion of advanced usage, 3) and plenty of Q&A.
  • Interest: @RobStuttaford @chrisfjones @gensym @fogus @alandipert @ohpauleez @statonjr @richhickey @stuarthalloway @kovasb @augustl @tie-rack @0x1b @eddnerd @tinkerbean @Andrew_Cristina @daemianmack @dobladez @frankfetters @dcolish @francis_wolke @leonardo_borges @averycodes

How to actually profile Clojure applications

  • Hosted by: @levanderhart
  • Description: How do we get meaningful performance data out of a running Clojure process? Clever instrumentation? VisualVM? Would greatly appreciate an overview and Q&A on this topic!
  • Interest: @RobStuttaford @deepbluelambda @puredanger @CmdrDats @vedang @dhable @fivebats @adamesterline @moocar @gensym @jimduey @statonjr @kovasb @eddnerd @tinkerbean @Andrew_Cristina @daemianmack @jwalsh_ @dcolish @leonardo_borges

Functional Reactive Programming

  • Hosted by: @alandipert
  • Description: All things functional and reactive, in and out of the browser. bacon.js, Lamina, Rx(Js), Flapjax, reactive-banana, Cljque, FrTime, Elm, shafty hackers and wannabes.
  • Interest: @cmeik (also available to help), @bodil, @RobStuttaford, @werg, @fogus, @jimduey, @dgrnbrg, @leonardo_borges, @deepbluelambda, @CmdrDats, @acfoltzer, @nodename, @fivebats @adamesterline @musicalchair @moocar, @scottbale, @sivajag @ohpauleez @statonjr @pmbauer @dobladez @jwalsh_ @leonardo_borges

Hands-on monads

  • Hosted by: @jimduey
  • Description: A walk through monads at the repl that you can follow along with to gain a concrete understanding of what they are, how they work and how you can use them.
  • Interest: @scottbale @CmdrDats @vedang @davekincaid @werg @adamesterline @maximoburrito @tcrawley @chrisfjones @dhable @dobladez @frankfetters @jwalsh_ @dcolish @davejacobz

Key Signing

  • Hosted by: @technomancy
  • Description: A quick overview of how Leiningen and Clojars use cryptographic signatures followed by spending some time to build out a web of trust by verifying the identity and signing the keys of your fellow Clojure hackers.
  • Interest: @tcrawley @scottbale @deepbluelambda @CmdrDats @fivebats @musicalchair @augustl @jwalsh_ @austinthaas @davejacobz

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 planning

  • Hosted by: @deepbluelambda
  • Description: Help students flip bits, not burgers. Do you have a project that could use a little help and wouldn't mind mentoring a student? Are you a student that wants to get paid to develop Clojure? If so, GSoC is an excellent opportunity for you. Clojure/dev participated last year with projects like Typed Clojure and Clojure/Android. This session will be about the GSoC program and preparing Clojure/dev's application for 2013.
  • Interest: @swannodette @olenhad @puredanger @CmdrDats @ohpauleez

Pallet Community Meeting

  • Hosted by: @hugoduncan + @disclojure
  • Description: Pallet 0.8.0 is approaching its release and it is a good time that we talk about what's in it for you and figure out how we, as a community, are going to update all the existing crates and write that documentation we all wished someone else wrote. Town-hall style, as usual.
  • Interest: @dhable @werg @moocar @dobladez

Immutant Sing-along

  • Hosted by: @jcrossley3 & @tcrawley
  • Description: Come join us to discuss the present (and future) of Immutant. We plan to be in the beta cycle for 1.0.0 by the conference, so this is a good opportunity to provide face-to-face feedback on it, or to have all of your Immutant questions answered.
  • Interest: @maximoburrito @jballanc @statonjr @tinkerbean @davejacobz