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== About Refinery

Refinery is a simple, easy to use, well presented content manager for small businesses.

Refinery was born out of Resolve Digital ( 
After building 40 real client sites, we began making our own content manager which would suit the small businesses we worked with. We learnt all the common requests and included them and nothing more.

== License

Refinery is released under the MIT license and is copyright (c) 2005-2009 Resolve Digital Ltd. 
A copy of the MIT license can be found in the LICENSE file.

== Help

For help and general discussion about RefineryCMS, we have set up a Google Group at:

== Setup

Step One: Getting the Refinery code!

Method One -- RubyGems:

gem install refinerycms --source
refinery /path/to/project

Method Two -- git:

git clone git://
cd ./
git remote rm origin
git remote add origin
mv ./config/database.yml.example ./config/database.yml

Step Two: Configuration

Edit ./config/database.yml to your database server details.

Then run this to create your database and fill it with Refinery's default data:
rake db:setup

== Starting up your site
ruby script/server

Now in your browser go to http://localhost:3000 and your site should be running.

You will be prompted to setup your first user.

== Environment required

Refinery runs using a number of gems which (as of Refinery version 0.9.5) are outlined below:

- "rake", :version => ">= 0.8.3"
- "friendly_id", :version => ">= 2.2.2"
- "mislav-will_paginate", :version => ">= 2.3.11"
- "rails", :version => ">= 2.3.4"
- "rubyist-aasm", :version => ">= 2.1.3"
- "unicode", :version => ">= 0.1"

== Updates to core files

If you are running Refinery as a gem, updates are simple to incorporate into your project.
Simply run the command 'refinery-update-core /path/to/project' and the up-to-date core files will be copied from the latest gem into your project's directory. 
Note: the directory that you specify here must be the Rails root for the project.

If you are running using a git clone, you can update by running these commands:

git remote add refinerycms git://
git pull refinerycms master

This will pull in all of the updated files in the project and may result in some merge conflicts which you will need to resolve.