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Commits on Aug 18, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino Added login page. 12ebb94
@marioaquino marioaquino Changed story to be less folksy. bfa7518
@marioaquino marioaquino Visual feedback during schedule selection. 40317fa
Commits on Aug 19, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino Added indexes to many tables. de8ae7a
@marioaquino marioaquino Added inputs for user/pass in attendee login screen. dac32a5
Commits on Aug 21, 2011
@senior senior Added support for twitter and github 586de25
@senior senior Store twitter ids without the @, switched successfull login to set th…
…e flash[:notice]
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
@senior senior Generated a second devise model fdbb831
@senior senior bumped the omniauth version, added an email/password validation test f43e032
@senior senior Changed Attendee to belong to AttendeeCred. All rspec tests fixed exc…
…ept a service one (needs another DB update)
@senior senior Changed Services to point to attendee_cred, all rspec tests passing 13c517d
@senior senior Generated the devise views for customization 6215ebb
@senior senior sign_in page working 741fcee
@senior senior Adding a sign_up page that understands tokens d4d9bd1
@senior senior started adding back in omniauth stuff after devise partitioning 2e99565
@senior senior Added in code for google authentication. It's working but hit two iss…
…ues, intridea/omniauth#138 and plataformatec/devise#1135.  Can't upgrade devise to fix the issues as that would require upgrading Refinery. Refinery locks us into 1.2.1.
@senior senior DRY'd omniauth_callbacks, refactored a bit 529ec42
@senior senior Added tests for the activate attendee method 8ad7844
@senior senior Removing old omniauth services code, removed some dead routes 9af85cb
@senior senior Removed services_controller swap files 3004156
@senior senior Had a Google open-id link in the registration page for debugging, nee…
…ded to be removed
@marioaquino marioaquino UI fixes for login page. 409d2b4
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed Login UI issues and made routes for correct external auth paths. 00daf4d
@marioaquino marioaquino Removed attendee_login controller. Not used anymore. 08ac2bf
@senior senior Added a test for logging in using google aa86984
@marioaquino marioaquino Added flash to login page. eb0bdf6
@senior senior Added devise test helpers and assertions about the signed in user 151c498
@senior senior Added test for google registrations d59a295
@senior senior Added github happy path auth and registration tests 17b1eb2
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixes all failing attendee cucumber tests. 0a539a1
@senior senior Fixes to get cucumber tests passing 1e7b27c
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed empty spaces pointed out by rails best practices gem. 4a6637f
@marioaquino marioaquino Added more indexes based on rails_best_practices report. e53d7ac
@marioaquino marioaquino Lots of view cleanup based on rails_best_practices report. cb93853
@marioaquino marioaquino Addressed more things caught by rails_best_practices gem. bfe2947
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed Law of Demeter violation. 383b086
@marioaquino marioaquino Removed commented-out route. b60f641
@marioaquino marioaquino Go away, PHP. ac64fa7
@marioaquino marioaquino Overrode refinery _head partial to take out application.css (so it ca…
…n be compressed with the other resources by jammit) and the home.css which we aren't using.
@marioaquino marioaquino Sprites for as many CSS images as I could get working. Login nav bar …
…link has the invisibility bug, though. Will fix.
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed case where prepended/appended nav bar links would go invisible …
…on hover because they weren't wrapped in span tags.
@marioaquino marioaquino Typo on modernizr path. aea5f0b
@marioaquino marioaquino Added support for iCal export of attendee conference schedule. b4d47ee
Commits on Aug 31, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed specs failing after the rebase. 79ad33a
@marioaquino marioaquino Added indexes (and fixed a few migrations that were failing rollback). 071c977
@senior senior added a happy path twitter auth test ee1f8a1
@senior senior added test for the google service factory method 410833e
@senior senior Added an acct_activation_token index and some model validations 9cf7e2f
@senior senior Fixed the twitter link on the attendee_connect cucumber test adac8c2
@marioaquino marioaquino i18n labels in login page. 6190aaa
Commits on Sep 01, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed spaces/tabs issues caught by rails_best_practices gem. 5aac95c
@senior senior Added error message when twitter id doesn't match what the user regis…
…tered with
@marioaquino marioaquino Moved flash to partial. 5941d18
@marioaquino marioaquino Add flash partial to attendee profile page. 69a9c67
@marioaquino marioaquino Registration page cleanup. Still need to add registration/authenticat…
…ion instructions.
Commits on Sep 02, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino Allow nil or uniqueness for attendee twitter_id & acct_activation_token. 5106b94
@marioaquino marioaquino Added error path for attendee attrib update. f16d350
@marioaquino marioaquino Added protected attributes for attendee. 1a9320b
@marioaquino marioaquino Error message for invalid token during registration case. 3bd4071
@marioaquino marioaquino Added another update validation test. 91d3091
@marioaquino marioaquino Happy-path flash for successful attendee profile update. 4914279
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed mis-labeling of Email field in registration form. 8e44340
@senior senior Factored token reset into a methed, changed the on_create to call the…
… method
@senior senior raise exception if attempting to generate an activation token without…
… an email, token or token date
@senior senior Added a registrations controller (copied from devise), negative test …
@senior senior Added linkage between attendee_cred and attendee when registering via…
… password
Commits on Sep 03, 2011
@senior senior Added a cucumber test for logging in after a registration 880f9e8
@marioaquino marioaquino Minor story refactoring. 66d672a
@marioaquino marioaquino Moar spacing! 8fe6376
@marioaquino marioaquino Cleanup 3b7112b
@marioaquino marioaquino Style and spacing changes. 58e16d6
@marioaquino marioaquino Attendee doesn't create an AttendeeCred by default anymore. Updated s…
…pecs that incorrectly relied on the attendee cred being there.
@marioaquino marioaquino Added forgot password flow. e9ddc3a
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed bug in register that prevented acct_activation_token and token_…
…created_at from being cleared.
@marioaquino marioaquino Attendee registration page i18n 81b99d4
@marioaquino marioaquino Bare minimum happy-path test for attendee registration. More to come. 30cf221
Commits on Sep 04, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino flash error and redirect when registration fails 5ce4690
@marioaquino marioaquino Attendees are sent to attendee#index on sign in now. 1c5721f
@senior senior Added test handling of github email not matching registered user 0e32d3d
@senior senior simplified twitter/github callbacks 33b82c1
@senior senior removed some test duplication in the omniauth controller tests 5fa00ac
@senior senior Added error message for a google callback with mangled uid a03e588
@marioaquino marioaquino Only show twitter auth option when registering attendee has supplied …
…their Twitter ID in their original registration.
Commits on Sep 05, 2011
@marioaquino marioaquino Added email subject for context. 84a6fbf
Commits on Jan 08, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Conditionally show attendee login links (disabled by default). a500062
@marioaquino marioaquino Remove 2011 year defaults for model conf_year attribute. dea37bc
@marioaquino marioaquino Reformatting. 1931a36
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix test that assumed that model field would be set automatically (ou…
…tside of create). The conf_year property is set by AddConfYear#before_create callback
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed bug in talk proposal acceptance that blew up a request to accep…
…t a talk for the conference if no session times for this year had been setup on the admin side.
@marioaquino marioaquino Finally getting around to adding the rails best practices config aada088
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'configurable_login_support' 93912f9
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'bug/accepting_talk_proposal_without_session_time' ad40783
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Removing jasmine rake file to avoid console warnings. 8d0fe8f
@marioaquino marioaquino Change rspec formatting to be plain dots 3a02458
@marioaquino marioaquino Add default message if no conference sessions have been announced for
current year.
@marioaquino marioaquino Minor spec cleanup 9666ddf
@marioaquino marioaquino Update images to show 2012 year. 500af02
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix a javascript bug that didn't check for the presence of a JS varia…
…ble correctly.
@marioaquino marioaquino Change the top-right logo to show dates for conf. 1e32d3f
@marioaquino marioaquino Re-add top_bg.gif image to display a white gradient above the blue ba…
…r in the header.
@marioaquino marioaquino Remove commented-out and unused code. 531d6ec
@marioaquino marioaquino Remove old logo 7b85ee7
@marioaquino marioaquino Re-add image file that was removed accidentally. b2f2110
@marioaquino marioaquino Add migration to set the default column value for conf_year to nil 7f372c5
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add mongrel as the default app server in dev mode. 982b6d6
@marioaquino marioaquino Pretty-up change password page. 393a17d
@marioaquino marioaquino Set dev mode mail config to send email to MailCatcher port. c3d411f
@marioaquino marioaquino Remove github/twitter/gmail etc auth providers. 9d11209
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@senior senior Removed more omniauth stuff b1ddf91
@senior senior Removed the github/twitter/google links and cucumber tests bf0efdd
@senior senior Removed the services table 8f1d9b7
@senior senior Removed the omniauth and open-id gems 2f87a7d
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
@senior senior removed github/twitter/google attendee factories b746887
@marioaquino marioaquino Disable attendee auth feature. afb7655
Commits on Feb 18, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add ability to submit either talk or workshop proposals. 90a8974
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix new proposals route typo. ead4b00
@marioaquino marioaquino Style tweaks for proposal submission 8c69629
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add route for viewing only workshops. Also add admin side for proposed
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
@senior senior Fixed a bug with pagination in conference_sessions afa26d4
@senior senior Upgrading capybara to work with firefox 10 9c2fad5
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
@senior senior Reverting conference_sessions_controller_spec.rb, had a test removed …
…that shouldn't have been
@marioaquino marioaquino Change workshop page to preconf for workshops and elc. 8bc5775
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'bug/conference_session_pagination' 7146c2d
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'feature/workshop_cfp' 7b5ef4d
Commits on Feb 26, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix version of ajaxful_rating to a version w/o render bug. f8f636b
@marioaquino marioaquino Minor refactoring for class-scoped methods. 2ce8cfe
@marioaquino marioaquino Only show current year sessions by default. Add links to manage previous
year sessions.

Fixed #72
Commits on Feb 28, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Update email for workshop confirmations. Also make talk proposals go
through the new proposals submission path instead of the old talk
submission path.  Remove the old talk submission path.  Make talk
submissions and workshop submission confirmation emails specific to each
@senior senior Merge remote branch 'origin/workshop_cfp_emails' 99c7fb2
@senior senior Removing the cucumber tests in the vendor directories, all tests shou…
…ld be in the root of the project
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #76 from strangeloop/no-vendor-cukes
Removing cucumber tests in the vendor directories
@senior senior Code to call to regonline for authentication and parse the response c51b525
Commits on Mar 01, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix no workshops messages showing up when it should not. Add link to …
…preconf submission page
Commits on Mar 02, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Prevent display of check back later message if sessions or workshops
Commits on Mar 03, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Remove proposal reordering because it is unnecessary 2685b4c
@marioaquino marioaquino Add links to toggle between talk and workshop proposals. dd145b9
Commits on Mar 04, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add labeling to distinguish between talk & workshop proposals. 47ad31e
@marioaquino marioaquino Add setting to display message instead of schedule if necessary. d20bfc4
@marioaquino marioaquino Add clearfix to prevent schedule page from wrapping 3ca0489
Commits on Mar 05, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add speaker name to conf session list view. Fixes #78 170b81a
Commits on Mar 08, 2012
@senior senior Fix for pagination of Sponsorships on the admin side deb4cbb
@senior senior Added narrowing of sponsors by conference year 123a706
Commits on Mar 09, 2012
@senior senior Changed the results per page for sponsorships from 20 to 30 8572597
Commits on Mar 10, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #79 from strangeloop/bug/sponsorship_pagination
Bug/sponsorship pagination
@marioaquino marioaquino Add text for no sponsorship levels condition. 2d9ae25
@marioaquino marioaquino Add ability to submit ELC talks. 643c10d
@marioaquino marioaquino Add admin side of ELC proposal management. a9f26ab
Commits on Mar 11, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Show reviewer's rating for reviewed proposals. Fixes #57 b63adc9
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix case-sensitivity bug that prevents elc talks from appearing in th…
…e preconf page
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix yet another uppercase lowercase elc thing. I want to cry. 1042989
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
@senior senior Added mail config for dev environment f29ed15
@senior senior Merge branch 'story/57/admin_improvements' f4237f7
@marioaquino marioaquino Show multiple speakers for a talk. Fixes #81 c355d66
Commits on Mar 29, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add format-specific session messages to distinguish sessions that
require additional cost for attendance.
Commits on Apr 03, 2012
puredanger Remove hints about Textile markup 3c751c2
Commits on Apr 05, 2012
@senior senior Added a duration field to the talk submission page ce82e94
Commits on Apr 06, 2012
@senior senior Adding talk duration to conference session, currently hangs on save o…
…f nil duration
@marioaquino marioaquino Re-add bio_hint but leave it empty. 70e1d71
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix conference session admin form submission hanging issue by making
talk duration default to 50 minutes.
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'talk-format' 27c85af
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@senior senior Added a warden plugin for regonline 812af22
@senior senior Added duration to the proposal admin page c98408c
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #84 from strangeloop/proposal-duration
Added duration to the proposal admin page
Commits on Apr 14, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add a setting to control whether proposals are allowed for different …
…formats. Fixes #60
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Migrate track to talk from conference session.
Update proposal submission form to send track as a talk attribute.
Update conference session admin form to treat track as a talk attribute.
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add track form to proposal edit admin. 6d687ae
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'master' into story/66/group_proposals_by_category
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
@senior senior End to end working with regonline 9cadfa7
@senior senior Merge branch 'master' into regonline-auth 5cb8345
@senior senior Moving regonline auth from User to AttendeeCred 68ffdc6
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
@senior senior Added populating an attendee model object from the regonline response 9d48dc6
Commits on Apr 22, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add Filter by Track UI to admin proposal index view.
Retrieves proposals by track for current year only.

Fixes #66
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
@senior senior Added automatic registration of new users 694d42a
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
@senior senior regonline authentication hooked into attendee_cred, logins seems to b…
…e working
@senior senior Merge branch 'master' into regonline-auth be88557
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
@senior senior Moved registration of attendee from attendee_cred to atendee eb9a537
@senior senior code cleanup, removing auth token stuff 88b9c05
@senior senior Removing registration controller stuff activation tests 4b1a561
@senior senior Dropped the activation token columns and related tests 9059389
@senior senior mocked, doubled and stubbed my way into Net::HTTP testing, still rough 84ab828
@senior senior Added a multiple login test, moved the net http mocking stubbing to a…
… separate method allowing multiple invocations
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Retrieve regonline event id using Refinery Settings. dc14be7
@senior senior Enabled the attendee controller tests fixed/updated 916509e
@marioaquino marioaquino Re-enable all wip'd cukes for attendee behavior.
Adds a regretable hack that guts real regonline auth. Something not as
severe would be preferable.
@senior senior Removed reoverable from attendee_cred, added a forgot password page (…
…in refinery)
@marioaquino marioaquino Add track name to proposal export feature. Fixes #87 a407fad
@senior senior uncommented the attendees filter 6f236c4
Commits on May 01, 2012
@senior senior Switched attendees pages to connect 03dd0bb
@senior senior removing stale devise pages a5fc26c
Commits on May 02, 2012
@senior senior adding an index to reg_id on the attendees table b85c1c5
Commits on May 07, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into story/66/group_prop…
@marioaquino marioaquino Filter by category now excludes rejected proposals and sorts by rating. 35b68d0
Commits on May 09, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Exclude accepted proposals from filter by category results. a1b1863
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into story/92/proposal_e…
@marioaquino marioaquino Add duration and location to proposal export.
Fixes #92
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #90 from strangeloop/regonline-auth
Attendee authentication using RegOnline
Commits on May 10, 2012
@senior senior Added a test for proposals without a rating d527fa4
@senior senior Merge branch 'story/66/group_proposals_by_category' df8d9d5
@senior senior Merge branch 'story/92/proposal_export' 98804d2
Commits on May 25, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Restructure of schedule layout. Still needs styling love. 981de69
Commits on May 26, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Styling tweaks for schedule page 4f4f9dd
Commits on May 30, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Move schedule-related shading code from application to schedule js file. 52e7be0
@marioaquino marioaquino Enable shading for both schedule page formats. fdb0a4b
@marioaquino marioaquino Hide tracks for ELC and workshops b0815d1
Commits on May 31, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix breakage caused by sessions collection name change. c1f8416
Commits on Jun 09, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix layout for selecting attendee schedule. 6f86a6b
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add support for multiple talk sessions within an hour. acb1fa6
@senior senior Added a non-test dependency on Nokogiri, upgraded selenium webdriver …
…to work with firefox 12
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #95 from strangeloop/selenium-firefox12-upgrade
Include dependency on Nokogiri, upgrade selenium web driver
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'new_schedule_layout' 641a729
Commits on Jun 16, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Adjustments to the schedule.
* Everything gets 4 borders
* No more calculated spacers
* Tall and short row classes
* Fixed condition that would put talks in wrong room column
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'new_schedule_layout' 3c68ba8
@senior senior Update the 500 page to 2012 c31b622
Commits on Jun 20, 2012
@senior senior Moved the attendee name to the right side of the menubar, moved logou…
…t to a dropdown under name
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #96 from strangeloop/attendee_name_menubar_change
Attendee/menubar changes
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'master' into new_schedule_layout 7ea10d4
Commits on Jun 25, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Open all links in session and schedule page in a new browser tab. c47bd39
@marioaquino marioaquino Fix column1 wrapping and workshop layout problem 5e68c11
@marioaquino marioaquino Tweak time range column height to address iOS layout issues. 4cc2e78
Commits on Jun 29, 2012
@senior senior Added a new method to conference session that doesn't group sessions …
…by hour to

to allow for half hour talks
@senior senior Added a test for conference sessions grouped by start_time (rather th…
…an hour)
Commits on Jul 01, 2012
@senior senior switch the new short session method for elc page, not main schedule 2664677
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge branch 'new_schedule_layout' d2ecafb
Commits on Jul 02, 2012
@senior senior Copying over the deployed version of 500.html 5605cf2
Commits on Jul 29, 2012
@senior senior Add more columns to the CSV export 0099741
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Removed work for pie from attendee profile f9eb096
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
@senior senior Switched from Nokogiri::Slop to Nokogiri + xpath to allow easier retr…
…ieval of possible missing elements coming back from RegOnline
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #100 from strangeloop/remove_work_for_pie
Removed work for pie from attendee profile
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #101 from strangeloop/bug/regonline-response-no-state
This is the fix for non-US Strange Loop Attendees having missing info
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #102 from strangeloop/more-csv-export-columns
Add more columns to the CSV export
Commits on Sep 08, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Removes twitter uniqueness validation. 60dfd9e
Commits on Sep 09, 2012
@senior senior Remove the unique index on Attendee.twitter_id bd31692
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Force the iCal output file to CST. 2502cdc
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Add unsessions as a listable session type on the schedule. 000b4d8
@marioaquino marioaquino Add session message. 62eb506
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Adds button link for unsessions on schedule. 38a61bf
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Fixed typo that prevented link to unsessions from working. 4e40867
Commits on Sep 22, 2012
@marioaquino marioaquino Move Unsessions into their own tab on the schedule 2ba2647
Commits on Jan 05, 2013
@marioaquino marioaquino Update images to match this year's dates. 0365544
Commits on Jan 06, 2013
@marioaquino marioaquino Display workshop and elc sessions on the archive page. 74cc8b9
Commits on Jan 13, 2013
@senior senior Updated the preconf verbiage for 2013 3823f1b
@senior senior Added the next_conf_year param to the workshop template 00d131e
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
@senior senior Changed sponsorships to display from current year (previously max yea…
…r defined in DB)
@senior senior update selenium-webdriver to work with Firefox 16 d5d2793
Commits on Jan 15, 2013
@marioaquino marioaquino Merge pull request #108 from strangeloop/sponsorship-current-year
Change sponsorship page to display current year
Commits on Feb 09, 2013
@marioaquino marioaquino Use the most recent ruby 1.9.3 and update gems c5110bb
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
@marioaquino marioaquino Pruning gem list but keeping all versions the same. Added requires fo…
…r some specs. Many spec and cuke failures. Now, to cleanup
Commits on Feb 11, 2013
@marioaquino marioaquino Update version of ruby debugger efdaabe
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
@senior senior Removed FasterCSV, switched to built in CSV parser ba27db7
@senior senior FasterCSV -> CSV 96269e7